If you or a loved on voted for Trump, there is help…

Politicians we support and, by extension the policies they enact have a transitive property on to their supporters.

“Grab them by the pussy.”
[the KKK] “has many fine people”
“President for life…we should try that some time”
“Take guns first, due process second.”

This is the man his supporters voted for. By continuing to support the man, his supporters have to take on the burden of supporting these positions.

A supporter of Trump’s who previously may have never felt themselves a racist, must now reconcile the fact that they support an individual who is overtly racist in both his language and his actions.

Defense statements such as “He was joking” or “He was mistaken”, are equally troubling because it is throwing support for the idea that they value an individual who does not take his job/role seriously enough to know that his statements matter and/or educate himself enough on a topic to speak truthfully and intelligently about it.

There is a way out though. Any supporter of Mr. Trump’s simply needs to speak the words “I was wrong.” and the healing process can begin. They can identify the “bridge too far” and begin to walk back from the repulsiveness that is on constant display.

This isn’t a Left/Right issue. This is a common decency issue. If you agree with the above statements then by all means continue to support the man, he reflects your values.

If on the other hand, you find the above quotes repulsive, walk away.

You don’t have to agree with my personal ultra progressive view of the world, I’m not asking for that.

There are conservative political leaders out there who are capable of holding policy positions that don’t involve admitting to sexual assault.

But, by fully supporting Mr. Trump his supporters must now be prepared to accept all the labels applied to him to themselves. He did after all, win the electoral vote.

I recognize you Mr. Trump

As a geeky nerdy child, I was bullied mercilessly during grade school. One year there was a kid on my bus who threatened to beat me up every day if I didn’t stay out of his way.

We grew up in a lower middle class neighborhood. A few of these kids ended up spending time in jail. Most of them faded away never to be seen again. I can claim with 100% certainty that I have zero contact with anyone from the neighborhood I spent twenty years of my life in.

But, had I grown up in one of the neighborhoods a few miles away, my tormentors would have turned in to something resembling Mr. Trump. By having parents with money, and never once being called to task for his actions, Donald Trump is exactly what happens when the school yard bully is elected class president.

His spokespeople claim that he is simply fighting back, as if he’s has some how become the victim in this bizaro world situation. But I’m here to tell you Sarah Huckabee Sanders, you are wrong. On January 20th, when Mr. Trump took the oath of office, he ceased being Donald Trump the private citizen. He wields all the power to set the tone on the conversation, and is in the drivers seat.

Not once in 8 years did I ever see a tweet come from the Obama Whitehouse claiming Bill O’Reilly was bleeding profusely from his ass.

I ask you Sarah, is your boss the type of man you want your sons to turn in to? Is he the type of man you want your daughter to marry?

I have two sons, and when either one of them begins to display behavior that is minor in comparison to the actions of Mr. Trump they are called out on it, placed in time out, and sometimes (depending on the situation) given nap time.

Mr. Trump is a bully. There is no mincing words here, or creative flair. Had he grown up in my neighborhood he would have been one of the nameless older children who got glee from seen someone smaller than him runaway in fear.

By continuing to stand on the side of Trump, his supporters and employees are standing on the wrong side of history, the wrong side of society, and throwing support in for every kid who steals lunch money.

News Bubble Swap: Day 7

Today’s headlines with NPR’s Jack Speer

A year ago at about this exact moment in time my commute was 90 minutes twice a day. In that time I was able to listen to nearly the entire NPR drive time show. Now my commute is about 5 minutes and so I don’t get nearly the listening time in. So I try to arrange my drive to line up with the headlines that come about every thirty minuets. I feel that it gives me a pretty good snapshot for the important stories of the day.

For this week though I changed the radio over to local AM talk radio. During my commute I mainly heard ads.

I listened to two days of Glenn Beck’s podcasts while at work though and he spent the majority of his time trying to convince me that there was an elaborate liberal conspiracy behind Bill O’Reilly leaving Fox news and that we were stupid if we thought that this was only about a dirty old man being inappropriate to his female co-workers. I think Glenn gives Media Matters WAY MORE credit than they deserve. The idea that Fox News would bow down to the left wing libtards kind of goes against everything they’ve built their empire on over the last twenty years.

My take, Bill was getting expensive. You don’t get a 20 year career in network television without getting a nice sizable paycheck, unless your agent sucks. Add on top of that the mounting number of settlements they were paying out, this was a way for them to cut their losses and force all future settlements to come out of Bill’s book royalties rather than News Corps’ balance sheet.

News Bubble Swap: Day 4, 5, & 6

We find out how Bill Nye defies his age….

I’m continuing on with trying to limit my news sources to just the New York Post and the Daily Caller, but man is it hard.

The one thing I’m noticing is a serious lack of science reporting. I am used to normally seeing at least one article a day that covers science. Normally it is news about NASA or coverage of papers that have been recently published in either medical journals or in Nature. Although there was one link The secret behind Bill Nye’s ageless face that I can’t stop laughing at. I like Bill Nye and care a lot about the things that he is also passionate about. I don’t need his beauty tips.

I have not forgotten about Glenn Beck, I’ve listened to a good chunk of his radio show in podcast form while at work this week. Yesterday’s program was particularly interesting where he posits that with Bill O’Reilly leaving Fox New it is the end of conservative media. Personally I think Glenn was stretching it.

News Bubble Swap: Day 3

I read the comments….oh god, why did I read the comments.

I’ve been on the internet for a long time. One of the guiding truths of the internet since the mid ’90s is “don’t read the comments”.

Today out of curiosity, I clicked on the button on the comment section on a Daily Caller article, and quickly regretted it.

I guess we can add a third item to the universal truths. Now along side death and taxes are useless internet comments.

News Bubble Swap: Day 2

This country would be great again if it wasn’t for all you anti-fascists…..

Yesterday was Saturday the 15th. My social media feed filled up with pictures of various protests around the country calling for Donald Trump to release his tax returns.

According to Daily Caller though, Berkeley, CA was completely boring till the antifa (I wish I was not making this up) showed up and ruined a perfectly good Patriot Day rally. Antifa is apparently a pejorative term meaning “Anti-fascist”. If your publication needs to invent a word to describe one group as anti-fascists, wouldn’t the other group then be the fascits?

Good news though, Rick Perry is going to determine if it is green energy that is killing coal. (Editor’s note: that is not a joke, just a repeat of the headline.). (Editor’s note editor’s note: that was the joke).

I did spend some time on Glenn Beck’s website though and am now convinced that I do not own nearly enough gold or seeds and that the U.S Dollar is going to get replaced with the FedCoin, a crypto currency that will be forced on us. So um yeah, kind of looking forward to that.

News Bubble Swap: Day 1

outrage for outrage’s sake….

Bridge Magazine here in Michigan is running a news bubble swap where volunteers agree to spend a week using an alternate source for their primary source of news.

I signed up, and yesterday got my assignment.

When I signed up I listed my three sources of news as:

For the next week though I have to rely on only:

Now, I will be the first to admit that my politics lean fairly hard to the left. I have an entire philosophy regarding progressive social policies and how they impact the greater good. Maybe some day I’ll sit down and get them all written down.

But, because I know that my views swing pretty hard core to the left, I try to stay away from the echo-chamber of leftist news sources that will simply reinforce my viewpoints, though I do love me some Rachel Maddow.

Now though I feel like I am descending in to the dungeon of darkness ill-prepared for the trip of the next 7 days.

So, what did I learn this morning.

From the Daily Caller I get the sense that I am not outraged enough that I, as a white male, am as oppressed as I am. One of the lead stories this morning was a about a female member of a college student council who resigned because she felt that the council was not as diverse as she felt it should be. The article itself was simply a rehash of her resignation letter without any further commentary or references. I’m not exactly sure why the student council makeup of a tiny college in rural New York deserves our scrutiny, but I assume that this story is presented as evidence that white males are continually oppressed by the tide of feminism and inclusion.

From New York Post I learned that a Navy Seal has been making porn with his wife which may require additional research…..maybe not.

I have yet to pull up Glen, I’m going to save that for work this week where I normally listen to podcasts for background noise.

I have immediately noticed that there is a lack of news regarding the administration other than Jeff Sessions is going to apparently save us all.

Are You a Paid Trump Protester Too

I have a few questions that I can’t seem to find the answers to:

  • Do you know where the payroll office is?
  • Will this be on a W-2 or an I-9?
  • Is there free coffee?

If you have the answers to any of these questions or questions of your own leave them in the comments.


It is time for the GOP to get honest about the ACA

It has been a good 8 years for the GOP.  They’ve had a boogey man in the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and have gotten lots of miles out of demonizing.  They won elections claiming that the Affordable Care Act was evil incarnate.

Now they’ve got all the marbles and are realizing their calls of repeal are a lot harder than they wish that it was.

Frankly it is time for every GOP elected official to come clean and admit that they’ve been lying and miss-characterizing the Affordable Care Act, and instead of being obstructionists admit that they’ve found religion and repent for their sins.

The Affordable Care Act was never about death panels, or eliminating the sacred bond between you and your doctor, or any of the billions of other lies they’ve fed us over the years.

The primary purpose of the Affordable Care Act was to tell the millions of uninsured people in this country that we, the insurance holding portion of the population, were sick and tired of paying for emergency room care.

See in this country we have a number of laws that say that if you are sick, and show up to a hospital, they have to take care of you no matter what.  And in pre-ACA America this is exactly how it worked.

The problem with this scenario is that those of us who have insurance policies were paying for this coverage through higher premiums and tax dollars used to reimburse hospitals for uncovered care.  It is the exact same principle as the portion of your auto-insurance that goes to cover uninsured drivers.

Emergency room care is the most expensive care out there.  The cost of a single emergency room visit dwarfs the cost of dozens of regular office visits.  Instead of treating a possibly life threatening disease, an early preventive visit with inexpensive treatment keeps all of our costs lower.

The ACA drew a line in the sand and said no more.  Quit using the emergency room as your primary care physician.  We are sick and tired of paying for the most expensive care out there.  Go buy an insurance policy and see a regular doctor once in awhile.  And we’re going to take all the money that we are already spending and subsidize those policies so that you can afford them.  And look if you are super duper poor we’re going to expand Medicaid so that everyone has a chance to go to a doctor.

But the GOP had other plans.  They’ve been lying to us.  Instead they obstructed Medicaid expansion to create a gap of people who make too much to qualify for Medicaid but too poor to get the subsidies.  This was done to continue the false narrative that “government doesn’t work see others are getting help and you aren’t.”

Now they are in a bind.  For a majority of Americans things are actually better.  For a small segment of America, things suck badly.  Things in the health insurance space are screwed up.  We have varying degrees of coverage and gaps in availability.  But (repeat after me) “THIS IS ALL THE GOP’S FAULT“.  The Affordable Care marketplaces suck because nobody in the GOP was willing to have an honest discussion on how to the make improvements.

For the better part of six years the GOP introduced bill after bill trying to simply gut the law rather than coming up with proposals that would address the coverage gaps.

And now things are bad.  They have a mess on their hands, that they’ve made.  If they repeal, we’re back to where we were in 2007 when for many Americans the emergency room was their only option.

I’ve been trolling my congressman John Moolenaar over the past few weeks specifically over these issues.  While he hasn’t replied directly to me he did write an op-ed calling for civil discussion.  I have never once threatened him, but I have called into question his honesty.

So John, here’s my attempt at civil discourse.  I am making the claim that you have been dishonest about the Affordable Care Act and by voting for a repeal before a single piece of legislation discussing the replacement you are endangering the health and lives of the 20,000 people in our district that use the market places.  I am also making the claim that by voting for a repeal without a single piece of replacement legislation is available your are threatening to increase the premiums that I pay by rolling us back to an insurance market that mirrors the early 2000’s.  Prior to the ACA my employer sponsored plan was increasing every year by huge amounts.  Since 2010 though, these premiums have been fairly flat.

So John I look forward to your response.  Explain to me how voting for a repeal without a replacement is a good thing.  Explain to me and the tens of thousands of other residence you represent how things are going to get better.

I am civilly making the claim that you can’t.