The Most Dangerous Man In America

Can now destroy us in 140 characters or less. He’s not even president for another four or five weeks and already is escalating nuclear tensions that the previous six presidents spent their time in office defusing.

I am calling on Twitter to disable Donald Trump’s twitter account because it can now be viewed as a weapon of mass destruction.

All Heil The Great Orange One

Well there it is. It is official. The Great Orange One is going to be given the keys to the kingdom.

So the other day I listened to Obama’s press conference where he promised that there’d be swift retaliation against the Russians for the apparent hacking of our election.

It got me thinking that in order to keep tensions from escalating he’d employ the B or the C team to do the hacking and give him the results in his daily security briefing.

So I present to you America’s Least Capable Spy Agency.