News Bubble Swap: Day 4, 5, & 6

We find out how Bill Nye defies his age….

I’m continuing on with trying to limit my news sources to just the New York Post and the Daily Caller, but man is it hard.

The one thing I’m noticing is a serious lack of science reporting. I am used to normally seeing at least one article a day that covers science. Normally it is news about NASA or coverage of papers that have been recently published in either medical journals or in Nature. Although there was one link The secret behind Bill Nye’s ageless face that I can’t stop laughing at. I like Bill Nye and care a lot about the things that he is also passionate about. I don’t need his beauty tips.

I have not forgotten about Glenn Beck, I’ve listened to a good chunk of his radio show in podcast form while at work this week. Yesterday’s program was particularly interesting where he posits that with Bill O’Reilly leaving Fox New it is the end of conservative media. Personally I think Glenn was stretching it.

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