I recognize you Mr. Trump

As a geeky nerdy child, I was bullied mercilessly during grade school. One year there was a kid on my bus who threatened to beat me up every day if I didn’t stay out of his way.

We grew up in a lower middle class neighborhood. A few of these kids ended up spending time in jail. Most of them faded away never to be seen again. I can claim with 100% certainty that I have zero contact with anyone from the neighborhood I spent twenty years of my life in.

But, had I grown up in one of the neighborhoods a few miles away, my tormentors would have turned in to something resembling Mr. Trump. By having parents with money, and never once being called to task for his actions, Donald Trump is exactly what happens when the school yard bully is elected class president.

His spokespeople claim that he is simply fighting back, as if he’s has some how become the victim in this bizaro world situation. But I’m here to tell you Sarah Huckabee Sanders, you are wrong. On January 20th, when Mr. Trump took the oath of office, he ceased being Donald Trump the private citizen. He wields all the power to set the tone on the conversation, and is in the drivers seat.

Not once in 8 years did I ever see a tweet come from the Obama Whitehouse claiming Bill O’Reilly was bleeding profusely from his ass.

I ask you Sarah, is your boss the type of man you want your sons to turn in to? Is he the type of man you want your daughter to marry?

I have two sons, and when either one of them begins to display behavior that is minor in comparison to the actions of Mr. Trump they are called out on it, placed in time out, and sometimes (depending on the situation) given nap time.

Mr. Trump is a bully. There is no mincing words here, or creative flair. Had he grown up in my neighborhood he would have been one of the nameless older children who got glee from seen someone smaller than him runaway in fear.

By continuing to stand on the side of Trump, his supporters and employees are standing on the wrong side of history, the wrong side of society, and throwing support in for every kid who steals lunch money.

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