Are Donald Trump’s Facebook Followers All Fake


I should remember to do a Google search for my own damn topic.  Read a Business Insider article from 2015.


So we apparently now live in a world where official communication from the White House is now done via a Tweet to a Facebook post. My do we live in interesting times. I stupidly followed the link simply to see what line of BS was being slung at us and actually found something rather interesting. Take a look at the first comment on both this post

and this one.

Now maybe Mr. Bolton and Mr. Decaj are equally passionate about their views on Mr. Trump they share a psychic link, or more likely, they don’t exist.
I’m not an investigative journalist, but I decided to do a quick Google search on Mr. Leo Decaj figuring his name was far less common that Jim Bolton. The only links that come up are six random images and links to comment threads on right wing conspiracy sites. Prior to October of 2016 though it is just the feed of an Albanian 20 something with a fascination for Eminem. Now why an Albanian 20 something would suddenly switch over to English and take an fascination in US politics is beyond me, but I have a theory, Leo doesn’t care about Donald Trump. Instead someone offered him up some cash for his Facebook profile and it became part of the zombie hoards “supporting” our new President.
This is why Donald wants to bypass the “traditional media”, he can control the messaging and has an army of commenters bought and paid for that give the appearance of actual support.

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