News Bubble Swap: Day 1

outrage for outrage’s sake….

Bridge Magazine here in Michigan is running a news bubble swap where volunteers agree to spend a week using an alternate source for their primary source of news.

I signed up, and yesterday got my assignment.

When I signed up I listed my three sources of news as:

For the next week though I have to rely on only:

Now, I will be the first to admit that my politics lean fairly hard to the left. I have an entire philosophy regarding progressive social policies and how they impact the greater good. Maybe some day I’ll sit down and get them all written down.

But, because I know that my views swing pretty hard core to the left, I try to stay away from the echo-chamber of leftist news sources that will simply reinforce my viewpoints, though I do love me some Rachel Maddow.

Now though I feel like I am descending in to the dungeon of darkness ill-prepared for the trip of the next 7 days.

So, what did I learn this morning.

From the Daily Caller I get the sense that I am not outraged enough that I, as a white male, am as oppressed as I am. One of the lead stories this morning was a about a female member of a college student council who resigned because she felt that the council was not as diverse as she felt it should be. The article itself was simply a rehash of her resignation letter without any further commentary or references. I’m not exactly sure why the student council makeup of a tiny college in rural New York deserves our scrutiny, but I assume that this story is presented as evidence that white males are continually oppressed by the tide of feminism and inclusion.

From New York Post I learned that a Navy Seal has been making porn with his wife which may require additional research…..maybe not.

I have yet to pull up Glen, I’m going to save that for work this week where I normally listen to podcasts for background noise.

I have immediately noticed that there is a lack of news regarding the administration other than Jeff Sessions is going to apparently save us all.

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