News Bubble Swap: Day 2

This country would be great again if it wasn’t for all you anti-fascists…..

Yesterday was Saturday the 15th. My social media feed filled up with pictures of various protests around the country calling for Donald Trump to release his tax returns.

According to Daily Caller though, Berkeley, CA was completely boring till the antifa (I wish I was not making this up) showed up and ruined a perfectly good Patriot Day rally. Antifa is apparently a pejorative term meaning “Anti-fascist”. If your publication needs to invent a word to describe one group as anti-fascists, wouldn’t the other group then be the fascits?

Good news though, Rick Perry is going to determine if it is green energy that is killing coal. (Editor’s note: that is not a joke, just a repeat of the headline.). (Editor’s note editor’s note: that was the joke).

I did spend some time on Glenn Beck’s website though and am now convinced that I do not own nearly enough gold or seeds and that the U.S Dollar is going to get replaced with the FedCoin, a crypto currency that will be forced on us. So um yeah, kind of looking forward to that.

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