If you or a loved on voted for Trump, there is help…

Politicians we support and, by extension the policies they enact have a transitive property on to their supporters.

“Grab them by the pussy.”
[the KKK] “has many fine people”
“President for life…we should try that some time”
“Take guns first, due process second.”

This is the man his supporters voted for. By continuing to support the man, his supporters have to take on the burden of supporting these positions.

A supporter of Trump’s who previously may have never felt themselves a racist, must now reconcile the fact that they support an individual who is overtly racist in both his language and his actions.

Defense statements such as “He was joking” or “He was mistaken”, are equally troubling because it is throwing support for the idea that they value an individual who does not take his job/role seriously enough to know that his statements matter and/or educate himself enough on a topic to speak truthfully and intelligently about it.

There is a way out though. Any supporter of Mr. Trump’s simply needs to speak the words “I was wrong.” and the healing process can begin. They can identify the “bridge too far” and begin to walk back from the repulsiveness that is on constant display.

This isn’t a Left/Right issue. This is a common decency issue. If you agree with the above statements then by all means continue to support the man, he reflects your values.

If on the other hand, you find the above quotes repulsive, walk away.

You don’t have to agree with my personal ultra progressive view of the world, I’m not asking for that.

There are conservative political leaders out there who are capable of holding policy positions that don’t involve admitting to sexual assault.

But, by fully supporting Mr. Trump his supporters must now be prepared to accept all the labels applied to him to themselves. He did after all, win the electoral vote.

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