HOWTO: Capture ASIO audio in OSB on Windows FOR REAL THIS TIME!!!

Ok so a couple of days ago I wrote a post describing how to setup OBS and Ableton using ASIO4All and VoiceMeeter to try and capture audio output and stream it. That worked…as long as you had no intention of trying to play an instrument along with the audio you were hearing at the same time. So forget all the stuff me from three days ago wrote and instead use my new and improved version.

My Setup:

So as before run through your normal installation of Ableton, OBS, and the official drivers from Focusrite (or whom ever created your hardware interface).

Download the ASIO plugin for OBS Studio and follow the instructions on getting it installed.

Once you are done with that visit the ODeus ASIO Link Pro site, download the software and the patcher and install them.

Still with me? Ok…let’s do this.

Ableton Setup

In Ableton under Preferences -> Audio we want to select ASIO Link Pro as your audio device.

This will open the ASIO Link Pro window. If it prompts you to pick a driver select the ASIO driver provided by your hardware manufacture. In this case I selected the Focusrite USB ASIO driver.

The first time I saw the ASIO Link Pro setup screen it looked like this

The instructions for this amazing piece of software is a bit….well I didn’t find any so I fumbled around a bit. To save you all the time we need to make a couple of quick modifications.

  • Draw a line from ASIO DRIVER OUT MIX 1 -> NETWORK OUT 1
  • Draw a line from ASIO DRIVER OUT MIX 2 -> NETWORK OUT 2
  • Under NETWORK OUT check Enable Connection

When you are done you should have a configuration that looks like this:

You can verify things are working by starting to play something in Ableton and all the boxes should start animating.

You should be hearing sweet sweet audio out of your hardware interface and now it is time to switch over to OBS.

In the Sources box in OBS we want to add a new ASIO Input device with the following selections

  • Device -> ASIO Link Pro
  • OBS Channel 1 -> ASIO Link Multiclient 0 LinkIn1
  • OBS Channel 2 -> ASIO Link Multiclient 1 LinkIn2

A new window for ASIO Link Pro should open up but this time instead of our Focusrite driver the driver selected should be ASIO Link Multiclient.

We want to make the following configuration changes

  • Network In -> Enable Connection
  • Draw a line from NETWORK IN 1 -> ASIO HOST IN MIX 1
  • Draw a line from NETWORK IN 2 -> ASIO HOST IN MIX 2

It should look something like this when you are done.

You’ll know it is all working when you start playing audio out of Ableton and OBS lights up like a Christmas tree.

There you have it. Low latency audio captured clearly, and you didn’t have to pay Apple a dime.

15 Replies to “HOWTO: Capture ASIO audio in OSB on Windows FOR REAL THIS TIME!!!”

  1. Cool solution! Nice explanation!

    What I do is I route my audio inside ASIO Link Pro to a Mix (you already have this it looks like, going to ASIOVADPRO MIX OUT 1/2), and then I add in an audio input capture in OBS using that mix. This avoids having to install the obs-asio plugin.

    Does using the network connection like you do make it lower latency? Is there an advantage to it I’m not thinking of?

    One procedural note on the tutorial: if you try networking out of Ableton without first setting up the Inbound connection on OBS the Network Out boxes won’t animate and instead will x-out with the message “Network Status – Cannot Connect”

  2. Your guide has saved me additional wires and trying to finagle horrible feedback loops. You. Are. Awesome!

  3. WOW!!! Really appreciate this full and easy-to-follow explanation for something that has taken me through hours of youtube only to lead to frustrating failure. Thank you so much!

  4. thank you! this almost worked for me, i just need to figure out why i can’t enable the connection on asio link pro thats on ableton. did anybody else have that problem?

          1. it just plays normally, but audio doesn’t go to obs – and somehow i can play audio outside of ableton (not sure if thats supposed to happen bc asio).

  5. Hello! I appreciated the info you posted above as I’ve been trying to get audio from Melodyne Studio into OBS to no avail. I installed ASIO link pro and followed the steps above, but when I draw the line from ASIO driver out mix 1 and 2 to network out 1 and 2 the network out row of numbers turns red and gets X’ed out and undeaneath it says network status-cannot connect. Any idea why this would be happening?
    Thanks for any wisdom you can offer!

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